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Inverter drives for Lifts
Inverter drives for Lifts

An inverter drive is used to convert an alternating current of a certain frequency into a current with the necessary parameters (frequency from 1 to 800 Hz). This allows you to smoothly control the operation of both synchronous and asynchronous electric motors of various capacities. The use of inverter drive also allows you to convert a single-phase voltage to three-phase.


The compact lift inverter drive L1000V is designed for low speed operation (up to 1 m/sec) of geared motors. Optimised standard functions simplify set-up, operation and maintenance, while ensuring smooth and comfortable rides. It upgrades lift systems in terms of reduced costs and enhanced comfort.

- One motor contactor solution in compliance with EN81-1

- Two relay outputs for fault and brake control reduce installation effort and costs.

- Simple and efficient brake sequences enable smooth operation.

- Five independent settings of S-Curves to prevent jerks

- Pulse input feedback with PG and load detection during run to increase levelling accuracy


Technical Details

L1000V - For Open-loop Lift Applications

Type Compact Lift Inverter Drive
Range 4.0 - 15.0 kW
Voltage 220 - 240 V, 380 - 480 V, 50/60 Hz
Applicable Motor Induction Motor (IM)
Control V/f Control
Open Loop Vector (OLV)
Speed control range 1:100 (Open Loop Vector Control), 1:20 to 40 (V/f Control)
Max. Output Frequency 120 Hz
Standards UL
Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC: EN61800-5-1:2003, EN50178:1997
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC: EN61800-3:2004
Lift: EN12015:2004 (with option), EN12016:2004
Enclosure IP20, NEMA Type 1 enclosure
Functions Brake sequence, Rescue operation, Light load search function, Overtorque detection, Torque limit, 5 independent s-curve
settings, Auto-tuning (rotational, stationary tuning for resistance between lines), Slip compensation, Upper/lower limits for
frequency reference, Short fl oor ride, DC injection braking at start and stop, Fault restart, Removable terminal block with
parameter backup function, Motor overheat protection based on output current ...



L1000A is the most multifunctional drive of YASKAWA elevator series. It provides advanced control functions to run induction and synchronous motors applications with closed or open loop. It offers vast functionality and impressive torque characteristics. It is easy to set-up, adjust and operate.

All elevator series drives are compatible with UL, UKL and RSUL, UEL, MLK, NKU and others.

he YASKAWA L1000A is a special purpose lift inverter drive designed for 3 Million starts at 165% output current. It provides advanced control functions to run induction and PM motor applications in geared or gearless elevator systems.

- New sensor-less torque compensation function including anti-rollback function, preventing shock and ensures a smooth start

- New torque ripple suppression function for smooth start/stop and comfortable acceleration and deceleration characteristics

- Overshoot and anti-vibration control including feed forward function, accel/decel compensation and 5 independent S-curve settings which ensure a perfectly smooth ride.

- UPS and light-load direction search function provide reliable rescue operation

- New stationary Auto-Tuning with closed brake and roped elevator

- Certified functional safety functions  according to EN81-1/2 and EN81-20

- SIL3 Certificated drive

- Zero Motor Contactor solution (contactorless)

- A3 Certiticated

- Brake monitoring function for UCM

- CANOpen-Lift  (402 & 417) and DCP (3 & 4) protocol integrated


Technical Details
Type Inverter for Lift Applications
Range 1.5 kW - 110 kW
Max. Motor Output 3~200 VAC, 1.5 kW - 110 kW
3~400 VAC, 1.5 kW - 110 kW
Applicable Motor Induction Motor (IM)
Synchronous Motor (PM)
Control V/f Control
Open Loop Vector (OLV)
Closed Loop Vector (CLV)
Closed Loop Vector (CLV) for PM
Speed control range V/f 1:40
OLV 1:200
CLV 1:1500
PM 1:1500
Torque Control Standard
Max. Output Frequency 200 Hz
Fieldbus Interfaces RS-232C
RS-422/485 (Memobus/Modbus)
Standards CE
ISO/EN 13849-1 Cat. 3 PLe
Enclosure IP20
Functions Integrated brake monitoring according to EN 81-1+A3
DCP3-Interface for easy serial connection with lift controller
Clear text LCD operator now in 11 European languages
Incremental, EnDat and SinCos encoder support and Hiperface
Speed/Torque Control Switching
Energy Saving Function
Slip Compensation
Torque Compensation
Application Parameter Presets
Preventive Maintenance Functions
RS-232C Interface
USB Interface
SIL3 Certificated drive
Zero Motor Contactor solution (contactorless)
CanOpen-Lift (402 & 417) and DCP (3 & 4) protocol integrated




Yaskawa LA500 - new inverter made to replace L1000V series on lifts with asyncronous motors and open loop vector control.

This model has even more functions for safe and smooth movement of lift's cabin.

  • Main features:
  • - 400VAC, power range: 4,0....22kW
  • - Built-in EMC filter
  • - Built-in brake transistor for whole power range
  • - Smooth start and stop thanks to special break sequence
  • - S-curve controllable in 5 different points
  • - Rotational and non-rotational autotuning of motor
  • - Output frequency from 0 to 200 Hz
  • - Advanced light-load search for evacuation function
  • - Removable digital operator with internal memory for backing-up and restoring parameters
  • - Free and user-friendly software to andjust inverter by USB connection (no additinal adapters required!)


L1000A Catalog
L1000V Catalog


Technical Manual L1000A